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At Kollectively we work with our clients on a one-off project or long-term basis. We deliver team workshops, offer one-on-one advisory services,  or embed with the team like one of your employees.
We start with a discovery meeting to determine your unique needs and then cater our deliverables to meet them, so you get exactly what your business needs.


Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, these practical workshops are geared to early-stage companies who are approaching a major milestone, from a capital raise to new product launch. Drawing from lean-startup principles, and informed by real-life experience, these hands-on workshops are designed to accelerate your growth-phase objectives. Workshops are both half-day and full-day for groups of 4 to 10 people. We’ll lead your group through a series of exercises to get clear and focused on your ‘why’, your ‘who cares’, and your ‘what we do better’.

1  |  Product Framing and Market Positioning Workshop

A tight focus on getting your ‘framing’ right. The root of many sales and marketing problems start with poor product positioning and lack of focus. We dive into what makes your product unique, why it matters and how to differentiate in the market.


In our 1/2 day workshop we’ll:

  •  walkthrough of the process including what positioning is not (hint – marketing)
  • a discussion of the current positioning and its impact on the market
  • interactive discussion working through the long list of the company’s unique attributes
  • map out what value your target audience ascribes to those unique attributes
  • brainstorming your positioning spectrum
  • implications for key messaging

2  |  Agile Marketing Workshop

Learn to build an agile and effective growth strategy to move your business from start-up to scale up.  Leveraging agile marketing practices, we help you isolate a campaign focus and timeline, and create a sprint roadmap towards your goal.


In our 1/2 day workshop we’ll:

  • shifting thinking from the one year plan to numerous short marketing “experiments”

  • how to plan and measure an agile marketing sprint

  • a look at channel strategies through an agile lens

  • you know what audiences you are seeking and what to say, now how do you reach them?

  • the tools you should be looking at to help manage the complexity.


We offer specific support to reach your goals and get your business to the next level. Our expert team can take on a number of different roles including:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Brand and Marketing Consulting
  • In-House Support
  • Virtual/Digital Support
  • Research and Strategy Development[SF1]

All services are catered specifically to what you need, so every dollar that you spend has an impact.


If you need have a bigger project coming up where you will need dedicated brand and marketing expertise, Kollectively engages ih short-term contracts.

We work by defining clear deliverables to ensure expectations are met. We are honest, direct, and expert communicators. Our project work has ranged from 4 weeks to 14 months. We work to seamlessly integrate into your team and hit the ground running for your marketing efforts. Short-term contracts are the right choice if:

  • Your needs are changing
  • You need a specific type of support
  • Need flexibility in your staffing

For more information about these workshops or how we can work together, please connect with us.


We’d love to hear from you! Here’s our contact info.

Email: info@kollectively.ca | Phone: +1.604.202.1077 | Vancouver, BC

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