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Visionary Founders. The Innovation Economy.
We create market strategies for today’s innovators, building tomorrow’s technologies.


A network of senior-level brand and business experts with more than 20 years of experience and a diverse skillset, Kollectively focuses entrepreneurs and leaders of startups, growth-stage companies, and large businesses alike. We run lean, we operate agile, and we deliver the results you need.

Our clients are market leaders and boundary-pushing innovators. They expect to access high-level strategic thinking and that’s what we offer, no compromises, no fluff. We build your brand by asking the right questions and creating the roadmap to get you there.

Kollectively has the uncanny ability to identify the signal from the noise. They helped us distill and develop our brand and stake a new market position. This new positioning enabled us to run highly targeted and integrated campaigns, dramatically accelerating our growth.

– Chris Hilliard – VP, Growth @ TelemetryTV

Kollectively has an unparalleled ability to learn and understand a company’s brand, market, culture and competitive positioning. Even in complex technical arenas like systems integration and digital transformation, we felt that that they came to know us better than we knew ourselves. Never before have I interacted with a marketing team that was so attuned to the best practices of understanding a market and customers… I am so impressed with their work.

– Darren Stevens, CEO Avato
You’re an innovator in your industry, whether you’re a startup looking for your first customer, or in growth-mode looking for your next market. Kollectively works with your business to grow and enhance your brand, positioning and marketing strategy, starting with building a strong and clearly differentiated foundation.


Your business needs to get noticed – whether by consumers, corporations or investors.With smart questions and the right research, a plan to get your business moving doesn’t have to take months. Kollectively’s business model keeps us nimble and honest. It allows us to bend and sway with the evolving needs of your market to deliver results that matter.

We find out what defines your brand– and how you can market that value to your customers. Are you in the launch phase? Are you crossing the chasm into market acceptance? Are you an innovator? How do you position a product that no one has heard of yet? Why does your brand matter? That’s what we figure out.

At Kollectively, our goal is to truly understand – holistically – what your business objectives are, where you’re positioned in the market, and where you want to grow.
Just Launched or Market Leader
We’ll help you optimize your strategy for growth.



We help unveil your big ideas to better solve your business needs and design the strategy for how the market will receive them. We’ll find the answers and build your plan on research and over 20 years of experience. Kollectively does the critical strategic thinking right up front so you can make better decisions about moving forward.

  • Qualitative research, including internal/external stakeholder interviews
  • Quantitative Market Surveys
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Key Findings Reports 


Startup or established business, we help you move from a stagnant or outdated brand to a ‘take notice’ brand with visibility across all channels.

  • Brand Strategy (Value Proposition)
  • Brand Positioning
  • Naming Strategy
  • Market Positioning
  • Target Audiences and Persona creation 
  • Key Messaging Development by Audience 
  • Visual Identity + Logowork

DEVELOP and ACTIVATE the Strategy

A strategy is only as good as its execution. We build resource-respectful, high-impact marketing and communication plans that fit the stage and phase of any business. We are in it with you.

  • Marketing Strategy (Acquisition through Activation, Retention and Referral)
  • Communication Plans
  • Investor Pitch Development
  • Resource Allocation Plans
  • Website Buildout 
  • Talent hiring and training 
  • SEO/SEM 


Our Kollective builds an expert team right-sized for your business. You only pay for the laser-focused expertise you need. You aren’t paying extra for fancy corner offices.

We bring together senior strategists with tremendous experiences across industries with diverse and critical skillsets for your marketing needs. We’ve guided big brand visioning, corporate transformations and startup adventures. We know what it takes to get businesses noticed. We do the dirty work to find the diamond.

Developing an effective marketing strategy requires clearly identifying both where you are and where you should go. Katrina is a master at understanding the business’s relationship between those two places and puts together creative, simple, and effective plans for moving between them.

Daryl Hatton, CEO FundRazr


We’d love to hear from you! Here’s our contact info.

Email: info[at]kollectively.ca | Phone: +1.604.202.1077 | Vancouver, BC

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